20 June, 2011

Oh, weekends. Why did they decide to only make you two days?

Whoever started the weekend thing should have really considered how much more fun they would be than weekdays and made them longer. 4 days of weekend to 3 days of weekday would have been a much better ratio.

We had a yard sale Saturday, pretty decent success. I made the mistake of wearing sleeves and sitting in the sun for four hours, and now I have tan lines where I've been trying so hard NOT TO. Farmer's tan. Lame.

Finally decided to turn the A/C on, just in time for it to be a whopping 65ยบ Sunday. Should've waited.

Yesterday was a pretty good Father's Day. We took Husband's dad with us to my parents for brunch, then hit up Boondocks in the rain. Played laser tag. I think it would have been more fun had I not been wearing a white long-sleeved shirt. I was glowing! Even the two foot tall kid could find me. Still super fun though.

When I was little, we always bought presents for every occasion we could think of but Husband doesn't. It was weird at first but then I realized that I buy myself everything I want, rather than having to wait and hope he buys it for me. It's so much better this way. Plus, when he decides to buy me a present, it rocks my world (see this post for my most recent present, or the Banshee he got me as my engagement present, or the golf cart he bought me for my birthday the first year we were together...)

How spoiled am I? Incredibly.

Because of the way I was raised, I love buying presents for other people. It's super hard to buy for Husband because everything he wants is $4,000+ (a turbo, or a computer for his truck, or a dragster - he's expensive) so I spoil the crap out of the kid. I realized I need to stop after going through her room to find stuff for the yard sale, and she has TONS of clothing she's never worn that's too small. Granted, she's grown like 6 inches this year but still, it's ridiculous. I need to stop buying her things.

Like that's ever happening. I like to buy for other people.

We went and saw Super 8 last night. It's weird. Very typical of J.J. Abrams' other movies, so if you like his style, you'll like it. I liked it but I think it was a little too far 'out there' for Husband.

Punk and I are going to a special movie tonight and she is so excited and I am so excited and I can't wait to share it with you but you're just going to have to wait. :)

Have a good Monday!


  1. I've been excited to see Super 8 but now I'm not so sure. We haven't turned our AC on yet - so strange for this time of year I mean it's almost July!! That's cool you had a yard sale I need to have one some day. I want to sell everything and start new!!

  2. sad I missed your yardsale :( been wanting to go yard sale hopping so bad lately..but just haven't. Planned on having one this summer but instead posted alot on KSL sold a few there and DI the rest..still have tons more I need to de-junk and get rid of..we have WAY to much stuff, so cluttered for our small place it drives me crazy! I buy my step daughter clothes and misc when any of my kids get new things as well. I was going through her clothing the other day as well and 6 shirts still were new with tags and too small, but I guess thats what happens when they are only here on the rotating weekends, and some of those weekends we travel to see family so we are not always even home when she is here.

    Going to the pulls in Spanish Fork Saturday?
    Should be there unless I decide I don't want to fight the heat being so prego and ready to have this baby literally at anytime, he is on his way now happy yet nervous to start all over with a baby again. Should be fun! Girls Night Out tonight at 6PM Blue Lemon, then pedicures in AF and frozen yogurt. lots have had plans come up so my sister in law will be there and maybe one or two people but your welcome to join us if you want and are board, Can't promise it'll be anything to exciting but I am so ready for a night out!


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