03 June, 2011

My coupon post, for the month of May.

Total retail value of dollars spent in April: $598.74
Total actual dollars spent in April: $349.78
Overall savings: $248.96 or 42%

I feel like there is some sort of pattern in my shopping. 42% saved for the last two months. LOL

I don't feel as good about May as I did about April, since it was my second month and savings didn't improve. BUT, I definitely spent less time - probably 6 hours total for the month. I am completely stocked (at least 6 months out) on toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, shampoo, conditioner, tampons, pasta, pickles, body wash, lotion, razors and laundry detergent. That's pretty good! At this point, I know I can wait out the deals until they really hit rock bottom so the savings should really improve for June.

My goal for June is no more than $200 out of pocket for the entire month. Our stock is pretty built up so it shouldn't be hard to eat out of it quite a bit. All I really will need to buy at this point is chicken and things that go bad quickly (milk, bread, etc.)

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  1. I always say I need to coupon, and then I realize I am too lazy for it. Lame, right?!


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