10 June, 2011

I lost my cat.

You guys have to know by now, my cat is my baby. I am totally the cat lady. Feel free to throw stray cats at my house as you walk by. (OKAY, maybe not that bad, but still...) I understand this story is only going to make you that much more sure of that fact. I'm still telling it.

A few weeks ago, when it actually started to get a little bit warm in Utah, we were hanging out inside with windows open. Most of the windows in this house don't have screens, for one reason or another. Typically I won't leave windows open unless I'm in that room, simply because Turbo has tried to jump out of them before (yes, two stories up even). On said day, Husband called and said he was in dire need of parts for his truck and asked if I could bring them to him. Not thinking twice about the open windows, I jumped in the car and left.

Fast forward four-ish hours. We get home and it's two hours past the time I normally feed Satan Turbo. Usually he runs to the door and meows. No kitty at the door.

I went inside and called for him; no response. I started searching the house and could not find him. I walked into the kitchen and noticed the open window.


I frantically searched every room in the house, praying he was somewhere to be found but nope, no kitty. At that point I was nearing hysteria. We literally live a parking lot away from Main Street, the busiest street in our cute little city. Not to mention, Turbo is not an outside kitty. I take him on walks on a leash; that's about as hardcore as he gets. I ran outside and told Husband I lost the cat, and ever-so-reassuringly, he says, "is he on Main Street?" Thanks, hun. But he grabbed a flashlight and started looking for him with me. I was in tears at this point (you would have thought someone shot my own Mother or something), running through our yard, picking up things he could be hiding under, with every second edging me closer to being fully confident he's dead or stolen.

What seemed like three hours later but was probably realistically only five minutes, I hear Husband yell, "he's over here!" I find Turbo under our neighbor's gigantic pine tree, scared as all get out, and apparently pissed at the world. I tried to grab him and pick him up, but he freaked out and hissed like a wild cat and injected all 20 claws into the flesh of my arms. I'm crying and telling my cat, "I'm so sorry!" (like he cares) and he's doing everything in his power to get away from this horrible devil woman who basically shoved him into the wild unknown (even though he chose to jump out the window).

I was literally hysterical. Honestly, you would have thought my entire family had been killed off by hoodlums while I stood watch. It was ridiculous. But now I think back on it and from the outside, it's pretty funny. Probably more funny to me since I was there, but funny nonetheless.

If you're still here, I'm proud of you for sticking it out. I'm not even sre this story has a point.

Oh yah - if you have a pet that likes to climb out windows, don't leave the windows open. Moral of the story right there, kids. And you don't even have to decipher it.

Have a good weekend!


  1. OMG i would have been as upset as you!I have 3 indoor furbabies and hubby likes to tease them at the back door and sometimes lets them walk on the grass and i get mad at him.We have a major highway on one side of us and seriously busy secondary roads on the 3 other sides of our block which is why i chose to have indoor cats in the first place.
    Im so relieved that it ended ok for you all!

  2. Holy Cow!! I'm so glad you found him. I would have been pretty hysterical too. It's really lucky he was just next door!! But it sucks he was so scared and clawed you... :( At least he is safe though.

    And, if you decide to get some screens up in your windows, you can use my discount down at the glass shop. Just tell them you are my BESTEST FRIEND EVER and they will give you my pricing. I don't know how much screens typically are, or how good my discount is, but it's somethin'... Then you can leave the windows open all you like and hopefully Devil Cat won't try to be Concrete Jungle Cat any more... lol.

    SO GLAD YOU FOUND HIM!!!! :D That's awesome.

  3. I would have freaked the eff out!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that but I am even more glad you found him.

  4. Glad you found your baby :) I am so not an animal person, but can only imagine how bad it was..I would hate to loose anyone close to me and I know many are the same way with their pets. Glad all is well!


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