24 June, 2011

Go see Cars 2! It comes out today and it's freaking adorable.

Punk and I got to go see Cars 2 Monday night at a special screening.


Honestly. It's nothing like the first one. It's funny. And cute. And focuses more on Mater, who I love to bits.

But, I was loving it before the movie even started. You want to know why?

I always love the cute Shorts at the beginning of the Pixar movies. But this one went above and beyond, because it was my Toy Story friends.

LOVED IT! ...sorry, I'll stop with the uppercase.

Cars 2 also brought out a new character, who is super hot. :)

This is Holly. Isn't she a sexy little car?

To wrap this up, Cars 2 isn't one of those sequels where it's exactly like the first one but in a different location (*ahem* Hangover 2 *ahem* not that it's a bad thing because it's still hilarious!). It's got a new plot and new characters and a new setting and you get to visit the world in Cars form. It's really cute. Punk and I both really liked it and it will definitely be one added to the DVD collection. (You heard me right, I said DVD. We're not one of those high class families that has a BluRay player, mmmkay? [Okay, so I know you don't have to be snotty high class to have a BluRay; I just felt like making it sound like that {are you still with me?}.)

PLUS (I thought I was going to stop?) it has a trailer for The Muppets and you all know how excited I am for that movie!

Anyway, really, go see it. You won't regret it. And just in case you somehow missed seeing this...

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  1. can't wait to take my kids to this..looks and sounds super cute!


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