19 May, 2011

Need your lawn to look pretty and be healthy? Try Scotts Turf Builder.

Scotts has always been my choice when it comes to fertilizing my lawn. I got the chance to review their Turf Builder, which I hadn't used before, so try it I did!

The verdict? It's awesome. Like every other Scotts product I've ever used. One of the best parts about this fertilizer is that you don't have to wait to let the kids or pets out - they are safe to be on the lawn right after you spread the fertlizer. That's nice! Especially when you've been getting the gorgeous weekends we've been blessed with the last few weeks. (It can rain all it wants to Monday through Thursday; as long as it clears up Friday through Sunday I'm happy!)

Just a couple of years ago, the in-laws put sod in the front yard here. It's been iffy since then, and when the snow finally melted (like three weeks ago) you could tell the grass was struggling. It was patchy and very thin. I can already tell the difference after using Scotts - my grass is greener than it was before and it's definitely starting to fill out. I plan to get a couple more bags of the Turf Builder and apply it throughout the rest of the year. Scotts recommends applying it four times a year - once in early Spring, once in late Spring, once in early Fall and once in late Fall. That will help the grass stay lovely and healthy all year!

Here are a few more cool things about the Scotts Turf Builder:

• Nourishes and strengthens your grass to protect against future problems like weeds, heat, drought & family activity
• Apply any season to any type of grass - no guess work! (Sweet action. I'm definitely not a lawn guru.)
• All Food, No Filler! Scotts Turf Builder is made using a patented All-In-One particle technology that combines key lawn nutrients into a single small particle. Bargain brands can contain as much as 40% filler, but with Scotts Turf Builder there is 100% pure nutrition in every granule!
• Formulated with slow release nitrogen so you’ll get a beautiful, green lawn, without burning, even if you apply too much (very, very good for someone that may or may not apply this with a cup rather than a spreader)

Looking for a good fertilizer? I would most definitely recommend the Scotts Turf Builder. It's available in 5000 sq. feet bags and 15000 sq. feet bags, and can be found at lots of places, like Home Depot, Target or Walmart. They also have a specially formulated fertilizer for Southern Turf if you live in the South. Check out this link to sign up for tips, custom feeding reminders and special offers from Scotts.

I was provided with coupons to purchase a bag of Scotts Turf Builder for free through One2One Network. But the opinions here are all mine and are not influenced by the free-ness of my bag of fertilizer.

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