20 April, 2011

I have just one question.

Why in the hell would a person need 300 plastic Easter eggs when they only have one child and only have that one child part-time?

That person being, of course, me. Seriously, what was I thinking? I got the eggs out today to start filling. I poured them out and figured we don't want to hide anymore than 60 so I'll count that out... get to 60 and have a bajillion left so I decided to count them and there are over 300. !!!

We have ONE CHILD. Why do I have so many Easter eggs?!??!


  1. I call this being really prepared. I was thinking I need to buy some, because I can't find any in my house. The bunny must have found a.great hiding place!

  2. should have invited all her friends too :) Thats alot of eggs! At least you have enough left over to use for the next 5+ years

    I finally gave in after the kids begging and bought some..but a pack of 30 was all! The Easter bunny also brought them about 10 each and I seriously thought we had way too many LOL


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