04 April, 2011

Handmade Mondays - Jack Skellington Bow Holder

I've decided something. I feel alone on the 'getting to know you' posts, and alone makes me feel awkward. I still may do them, just not all the time. K?

But I was thinking it would be fun to do a handmade Monday. Today I'm going to share something I made that I freaking love, but next week I may feature someone else! Want to be that someone? E-mail me or even just leave me a comment, and I'll contact you. I'll even link to your blog or Etsy shop or whatever. Anyway, we'll see if I can remember to do this. Ready for today's cute feature?

This is a Jack Skellington bow holder. How cute is he?! One of my bestest friends Dorothee is a hugemongous Nightmare Before Christmas fan. Like, I love the show and have the soundtrack and random objects from the collection, but she is a die-hard. Because she's a good friend, she buys hair clips from me all the time. She kept bugging me to make her a bow holder, and finally, I made this gorgeous guy. I freaking love it.

Want to make one? Pretty easy, just time consuming. From the back up, it's:

thick chipboard in the shape of the head
black cardstock in the shape of the head
four ribbons, 1" wide and 3' long - three out the bottom and one folded in half out the top to hang on the wall with
thick chipboard with the eyes and mouth cut out
white cardstock with the eyes and mouth cut out

Each layer is glued to the next with E-6000 and then the entire thing is finished with a thick layer of matte Mod Podge.

I found a picture of Jack Skellington online and converted it into a cut file for my Cricut. I used the deep-cut blade and a multi-cut but the chipboard was too thick, so I ended up cutting the face and mouth out by hand.

Voila! Like I said, simple but time consuming. Not including dry time, I would say it took me 3-4 hours. Most of that was in cutting the mouth out. If you want to be featured, e-mail me (use the 'contact' button up at the top) or leave me a comment and I'll get a hold of you.

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  1. cute! Our project this week has been making hair bows from felt. My daughter made some with her friend one day when she was there for a playdate and has been begging to make more since. Super easy and cute for girls their age to make by themselves.

    Hobby Lobby has plain colored felt for 4 for $1, plus cute glitter designs or printed designs for 2 for $1. I let them each chose $3 worth, bough some clips and jewels. They have had a blast! (and are super proud when they make them on their own. posting pics on my personal blog soon)


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