20 April, 2011

Day 28. Going to the sand dunes tomorrow! Couldn't get anymore restless.

day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?



I'm pretty much exactly the same. Let's not talk about it. Since I was about 14, something changed pretty drastically with me like once a year. I went through hair colors and styles and piercings and the works. Now, I'm the same. The same as I was five years ago. And I'm craving change.


I like my hair most days, so I don't think I want to change that. And I've done the piercings thing; over it.

I need a new tattoo. A big, crazy, fits-me tattoo. Before I run for the hills and come back with pink hair. Again.

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  1. My coworker got a very large tattoo on her back.. LOL dont do THAT!!! : )


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