05 April, 2011

The craft room. Not the crap room. C-R-A-F-T.

I know I posted pictures of the "after" of my craft room. That was silly, because that was just a transitionary part in the room's life. It's now come full-circle into a darling little room that I rather like. Wanna see?

First off, my name is right there, above the door. (Does it have your name on it?) Yes, it's my room and yes, it does have my name on it, thankyouverymuch!

I loved the cute damask design but hated it on my wall, so down it came. I added a ton of organization to that area, and see that cute little pink bookshelf? Shibby got it for me for my birthday and painted it pink and everything, and you can't really see it because there is so much stuff but the back of it is covered in darling polka dots. Yah, pretty much the coolest sister ever.

This is my "office". You love it? I love it.

If you look real close, under the cork board are some really adorable sparkly robots. I ♥ them lots and lots.

And this. This proves my addiction to ribbon. Please don't try to go all Intervention on me because I quite like the ribbon, mmmkay? But really, I've got all of that plus a moving box full of rolls that wouldn't fit in the holders. Oh also, if you ever wondered what a demon looks like, that's one there at the bottom of the shot.

This closet is full of more crafty stuff; the box of ribbon I mentioned, plus all of my tulle, my lightbox, my bows, and all of the stuff I'm selling because I've got too much stuff because I think I am addicted to buying craft stuff. Deal with it. You should check all that out though, I'm selling it for pretty cheap in my Etsy shop and here in the next few days I should even be adding some Tattered Angels glimmer mist, which is pretty cool.

Anyone want a room in their house redone? Because this was a whole lot of fun, seriously. I would organize for a living if there was a demand for it.


  1. Awww, i am jealous! My craft room is the living room... sigh

  2. You can never have toooo much craft stuff!!! I want my craft room oganized...I need a room first though.

  3. Are you kidding me? I need to come snoop through your stuff. I love what you did with it all. It really is so rad!!

  4. jealous. I want a craft room :( too many kids LOL Currently trying to de-junk and re-arrange our rooms to make room for baby LOL

    They are worth it though!

    When I had three kids more space etc, I had a craft area and loved it. Wish I had that now so when I want to work on things its not all scattered on the kitchen table and a rush to get it all done so it can be put away by dinner.

    You can come organize my place anyday :)

    I would love to organize more if I had unlimited access to totes, shelving and storage misc.

    I am always organizing areas and trying to find new ways to make it look better, and a place for everything, but its sure hard when you don't have the storage accessories needed. I have always wanted to take $1,000 of taxes just for that. maybe someday.

    love your space!


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