16 March, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 03/16/11 - This is how you know they're going to miss you.

You know your co-workers will miss you when they bring you cupcakes on your last day (LAST DAY!!! !! ! !!!).

You know they love you when they are delicious rainbow cupcakes.


  1. Damn! That is a bright cupcake! Looks deee-lish!

  2. oh man, this looks amazing! I wanna make this, but I am not sure that I have good enough baking skillz.

  3. love it, so colorful! Of course they will miss you! What great friends you have!

    I have had too many days off with the pregnancy complications, sick kids etc. I had to be back to work by the 8th or would lose my job.. well come the 7th of March and I still had kids with 104.5 fevers. I ended up calling in and quitting the day before instead. Huge stress off my shoulders in some ways, but financially stressed as well. But a part of me is glad its done, its been a long few months and things just never worked out the entire time I was working there so it made it miserable having to go to work when I did. So looks like I am out for a while too.

    Lots of fun plans now you are not working? New crafts? More fun additions to your Etsy store?


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