30 March, 2011

What I want Wednesday - 03/30/11 - Wicked kicks

You guys would probably never guess this about me, but I have a thing for shoes. The biggest problem with that, is I'm 5'11". I can't wear big tall heels without feeling totally awkward and a bit Amazon-ish. I need Punk to be big so I can make her wear the shoes and live through her. :) Here are a few I've been drooling over. Click on the picture to be taken to where you can purchase them.

And I know these aren't shoes, they are just the part that you wrap around the shoe (it's called a spat) but they are GORGEOUS.

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  1. Are you EFFING KIDDING ME?? Those top two shoes are KILLER! I love them so much, I wish I wore heels so that I could buy them. And thanks for turning on to those two etsy shops.


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