31 March, 2011

This is a cry for help.

I NEED butter cake. If I don't get some into my system in the next 24 hours horrible things might start happening. Have you seen 2012? Kinda like that. Somebody, ANYBODY, find me the recipe for the butter cake from California Pizza Kitchen. Or even something pretty similar. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to find it online and was unsuccessful. The Paula Deen recipe people keep pointing me to is most definitely NOT it - it has some sort of goop in the middle and the cake from CPK does not. The goop kinda scares me, but it's from Paula Deen, so it's probably something incredibly good and heart-stopping.

I am dying, officially, from withdrawal of something I've only eaten once in my lifetime. It's getting serious.


  1. Try this recipe
    I haven't ever had it, but it's been all over the blog world. I agree, Paula Deen's will be amazing even if it isn't the exact same!

  2. I was just searching for the recipe online, too, which is how I found your blog. I'm 7 months pregnant and home alone with 5 young children while hubby is away with work and debating whether to pile everyone in the car so I can go get some. As I recall, the yellow cake recipe from the OLD better homes and gardens cookbook tastes similar, but then again, it's been over 20 years since I had that. I just e-mailed my mom pleading for the recipe. Allrecipes.com has a pound cake recipe that would work in a pinch, too, I think, if I had the ingredients on hand to bake it.

  3. to me it taste like a mix between corn bread and butter cake. the cheese cake layer atop is definitely a bit hard for me to replicate, the crunchy sugary bottom i think will be easier. I will let you know how it turns out. I am planning on using a cup of corn bread and two cups of flour. wish me luck

  4. i did it. I substituted the recipe that u gave i put in 1 cup of corn bread mix and followed the rest and viola! cpk butter cake! i made it with stevia instead of sugar, u can taste the difference but still good. its really good!

  5. Deedee - I will have to try that! That cake still haunts me.

  6. Omg!! Me too! I had it last night & today I just polished off the last half. And here I am online trying to find the recipe! The woman who took m order suggested it and likened it to creme brulee so that caught my attention as I love that! CPK definitely created something awesome! It's so amazing!


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