24 March, 2011

Random thought Thursday. Because it's got more alliteration.

I'm putting off cleaning the bathroom. Just can't work up the motivation.

I am going to a couponing class tonight and I'm so excited! I am strange; I understand. But seriously, I cannot wait. One day, I'll be on that TLC show Extreme Couponing and you all will be like, OMG I totally know that crazy lady. I love saving money.

Husband and I are going to Rise Against next month and I'm seriously counting down the minutes. I am so freaking excited to see Rise Against in concert! And it's all GA and it will be Husband's first GA concert with me. I think he's in for a surprise at how beat up you can get.

The roughest concert I ever went to was AFI. How weird is that? The pit at AFI was way more brutal than even the pit at Poison The Well. I didn't expect it. But it was awesome.

I went to California Pizza Kitchen last week and now cannot stop thinking about two things - the white corn guacamole and the butter cake. If any of you can find me a copycat recipe for either of those, I'll send you my first born.

My freezer is officially over capacity, and my shelving for food storage (pantry overload area) is about a foot from being full. I think we're good on food for the next, oh, three months?

I just talked to a lady about getting a dealer account setup that was seriously the brattiest woman I have ever talked to. I wanted to slap her through the phone.

I think I gotta go clean the bathroom now. I made a promise to myself that my entire to-do list would be finished before I have lunch and my tummy is growling. I can't let myself down.


  1. I've only been to the CPK once. I need to corn thing you are talking about.

  2. I just semi cleaned my bathroom...and now I can put it off for another few days.

  3. you can't promise your first born since you are convinced you are not having kids... unless staying at home has changed your mind? :)


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