22 March, 2011

Peter Rabbit Organics - a review of their new flavors

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away... Oh, wait. That's not my start. Let's try this again...

Awhile back, I did a review of a super cute company called Peter Rabbit Organics. This time around, they sent me their new fruit and veggie blends flavors to try. There are three different flavors:

On the left, we've got pea, spinach and apple. Let me tell you, the child inside me was cringing at the thought of this one. Peas AND spinach? Are you kidding? And it was green. The child inside me ran screaming right then. But I tried it, and it isn't bad! The strongest flavor is the apple, as it almost always is. But the spinach and peas add a really sweet background flavor to the apple. Not my favorite of the three, but I did finish the pouch so that's saying something.

Onto the middle flavor, the sweet potato, corn and apple. I was actually excited to try this one; I've had an ongoing infatuation with sweet potatoes for years now. This one was good. The apple was the most upfront flavor, of course (those apples are show-offs) but the sweet potato and corn gave it this sweet with a hint of salty flavor, and I really like it.

The flavor on the right - carrot, squash and apple - won as my favorite of the three. I was absolutely not expecting it to, but it did. Rather than apple being the bossy flavor in this trio, they all meld together nicely. You get a little of the raw flavor of carrot, plus the salty smooth flavor of the squash, and the sweet and tanginess of the apple. Super yummy!

I love the portability of the pouches; much less mess to worry about than handing the kiddlets cut fruit and veggies. AND, I think this might be the easiest way to get them to eat veggies like spinach and squash, if they are anything like I was when I was little.

Want to give them a shot? The wonderful veggie flavors, plus the original fruit flavors, are available on Amazon.com!

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  1. Oh! Thanks for the review! I’ve always wanted to try these, but always felt like it resembled the mushy baby food a tad too much. haha, but your review proved me wrong!


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