23 March, 2011

(not-so) Wordless Wednesday, 03/23/11 - The first Build-A-Bear visit!

(she doesn't smile in pictures sometimes. I think she got told her smile is dorky or something so I actually have to tell her to smile or she doesn't.)

I cannot believe I let it go this long without ever taking her to Build-A-Bear. I love that place more than I love my left foot. And the girl that helped us was so cute and so sweet and the perfect Build-A-Bear employee. It was awesome!


  1. I've always been curious about that place. Someday, I'll borrow somebody's children and take them!

  2. now you have been, she will want to go again and again :)

    My kids love it there. My oldest went to a birthday party there (about 3 years ago)and they each made their own full size animal and got to pick out an outfit. I was amazed at all she brought home, so I had to take the others..now they each have at least three and always beg to go. I like watching online for the clearance deals they have on the clothing and they get that instead and still seem happy.
    It adds up fast thats for sure!

    We love to give BAB gift cards though!


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