23 March, 2011

I need a dream interpreter. Stat.

I have really weird and messed up dreams. I have since I was itty bitty. Night terrors aside, the dreams I have would probably count as nightmares to most people but since they are so much softer than the night terrors, they don't even bother me.

The dream I had last night was... odd. And I would like to know what it means.

I was on a reality show trying to win Bret Michaels' love. (I don't even like Bret Michaels.) We were on a cruise ship and so when the girls were voted off, they couldn't leave; they just got put in this big room together and weren't supposed to leave it. I made it to the final two girls, even though in the dream I didn't want to win and wasn't sure how I got there. (I was married in the dream as well, so wth?) Anyway, the last two were me and this girl who used to be my best friend, Shaylie. Before we went to the final ceremony where he told us who he was choosing, we had to go through this really weird obstacle course that reminded me of Little Big Planet. Then we went to the room and he put the ring on my head and told me I was the winner. Then his bodyguard dude came over and put the ring on my finger. (Again, wth?) We were on live TV and I didn't know if I should tell him that I was married or not but I decided to and he started bawling and his make-up was running down his face and he asked me if it was because the ring was too small. Then I woke up.

So, all of my dream interpreters out there, what does this all mean? I'm baffled.

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  1. I snorted when I read the part where his makeup was running down his face from crying. I will have that image in my head all day. I'm not sure what this dream means but I'm sure it means you're going to be rich and famous some day...in a round about way.


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