25 March, 2011

Finally Friday! Which means nothing because every day is like a weekend to me now.

This week is actually backwards from what I am used to - I will be working this weekend at the Scrapbook Expo in Sandy so I'm working Friday and Saturday and didn't work the rest of the days. Totally backwards. But, if you are out and about, come hit the Scrapbook Expo! I'll be at the Cutterpillar booth, selling the hell out of the best paper cutter in the world. Come say hi!

And watch for a review of the Cutterpillar coming soon. I've just got to get my video unit thingie hooked up to this computer. It's seriously a dream come true for anyone that ever needed to cut paper.

Have a good weekend, darlings!

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  1. bahahaha i love the title of this post. good luck at the expo!


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