21 December, 2010

Snow. And then snow. And then more snow.

Oh yah, and some snow.

Snowed 8 inches Sunday night.

Snowed 14 inches last night.

No snow plows to be found.

Makes me happy to pay taxes. (Sarcastic much?)

Happy holidays to everyone! I hope it's perfect beyond words. I gave some money to some random person who needed it. Made me feel good. I absolutely love giving, way way way more than I love receiving. Not saying I would give up my pit bike... but still, I'm more excited to give Husband his present!

Maybe I'll post more between now and then, but just in case I don't,



  1. where do you live that you don't have plows?! Europe?

  2. maybe if you didn't have crazy clients who suck up every second of your spare time you could blog more ;) but really, you are a LIFESAVER. on a daily basis. and agreed, it is SO much more fun giving presents!

  3. Merry Christmas!!!

    that is some serious snow. scoop it and leave it on some city official's front door, i say!


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