13 December, 2010

She's crafty! (AKA gigantic enormous huge craft supply sale)

Name that song, I dare you.

I am selling all of my extra craft stuff. I've got SOOOOO much of it and it's coming out my ears and I had to be serious with myself and if I don't think I'll use it or have had it for two years and haven't used it, it's gone. Want to score some loot? Check out the shop: Scrap It Up on Etsy.

It's some pretty serious business, at some really sweet prices. If it were me, I'd be buying it because the price is so good, which I think is what got me into this predicament in the first place... hrm. Anyway, I'll be adding stuff for the next little while so just keep checking back. Also, if you need paper, let me know. I don't plan to add any to the shop because figuring out shipping is a hassle, but I need to sell a bunch of what I've got and would happily put a pack together and ship to you. Got it? Mmmkay then.

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