13 December, 2010

Best. Husband. EVER.

He was too excited for me to wait until Christmas for my present, so I got it today...

Crappy camera phone, in the dark, but it's a pit bike. (!!!) A Pitster Pro 140R, to be exact. (Imagine a 4-year-old that just opened the latest and greatest Barbie or something equally as exciting. That's me right now. I got told my teeth are starting to blind people from smiling so big.)

Best Christmas ever, and it's not even Christmas.

I'm almost as excited to give him his present, which is epic and seriously I should win some sort of great wife award for it, but I can't say anything just in case he reads this before Christmas. :D


  1. YAY That is awesome! I am jealous! Congrats Chick!

  2. that is sooo awesome! you are a lucky girl.

    i have to say that my husband and i exchanged christmas gifts a few weeks ago, and i wouldn't have it any other way!


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