14 October, 2010

Random Thought... Wait, What's Today?

It's Thursday. And yes, I had to ask someone.

Thank goodness it's Thursday and not Tuesday. I am so ready for this week to be over.

It's amazing how when I don't blog my stats go down. You don't want to come to my blog and read all of the nothing I've been posting? Weird!

My loverly sister and my cute company pomegranate&pink is going to be at a huge boutique Thanksgiving weekend, in Spanish Fork. I'm so excited that we got accepted! But you should all mark it on your calendars right now so you can make it. Okay? Thanks for your support. :) And I've been attempting to craft my eyes out so I can have all sorts of cute things for it, like the most amazing magnet sets you'll ever see. Seriously.

I feel like someone stabbed me in between my pelvis and my hip. It's pretty painful and really uncomfortable and I would like to know who in their right mind sneaks into people's houses at night and stabs them in their sleep with some sort of special magic knife that leaves no detectable stab wounds on the surface, just incredible pain.

Hobby Lobby just opened, 15 minutes from my house. That's closer than the next closest one by 45 minutes. WOOT! It's ridiculously large and I spent 45 minutes there just wandering the aisles. I could spend thousands of dollars there. The other craft stores in the area are in trouble.

I should have bought magnets while I was there but totally forgot. But I did come home with some felt sheets, a white boa, scrapbook paper, mini cupcake liners and some amazingly cute hot pink and black zebra flowers. It was a good trip.

I am not lying when I tell you this, and I'm going back today to see if it's still there so that I can take a picture for all you non-believers (Husband!), but yesterday I saw a car on the back of a tow truck, and that tow truck was on the back of another tow truck, and that tow truck was on the back of another tow truck. It was INCREDIBLE! So much redneck glory all in one car-dog pile.


  1. You can get lost in Hobby Lobby!

  2. You think 15 minutes is bad!? It's only like 5 from my house. I'm staying far, far away from that place.

  3. That is exciting about the craft fair. I will have to do my best to try and make it down there. I don't go down to them parts much. (Insert hick accent here)

    U better do something about that pain.

  4. Might have to check out that boutique if I am around, sounds like fun!

    Never been to a Hobby Lobby and pretty sure that's a good thing. I get in trouble @ Roberts and Michaels spending to much money LOL

    Hope your pain goes away soon.. thats no fun!

    And yes, I have the same problem too..I take a day or two of not blogging and I swear everyone disappears LOL

  5. i love hobby lobby...but it is not close enough. i could shop for hours.

  6. My dads a nerd! We have went to the sand dunes like 3 times this year. We just take our ranger and go like .03 miles an hour up hills. We laugh our asses off which makes it like 10 times funner. He really likes you guys though. How are things going? If you still have my cell phone number can you text me your home address? (I also just need your number because I have a new phone and I lost all of the numbers out of my old one.) Love your guts hope to hear from you soon.


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