31 October, 2010


Halloween is my favorite holiday, although this year you would never guess it. I have not had a spare second this year to do anything fun. I made my costume yesterday at 3:30 as Punk was getting back from trick-or-treating with Real Mom.

You see, here in Utah we don't like to celebrate holidays on Sunday (especially that all-too-evil Halloween) so trick-or-treating took place last night rather than tonight.

Last weekend, we took this:

and turned it into these:

Wanna see the cutest baterina (it's a bat ballerina; get it?) EVER?

I don't have any pictures of me, but I will try to find one - there were some taken somewhere. I was a victim of domestic abuse, that beat back. With a sledge hammer. It took me about a second to put the costume together, but I freaked people out a bit apparently. One of our neighbors hesitated to answer the door. That's the mark of a well done homemade Halloween costume. It could've had something to do with the bloddy hammer though... I dunno.

Happy Halloween to all! And to those who actually get to go trick-or-treating tonight, I'm super jealous. Have fun and get LOTS of candy! (Goodness knows we brought in quite the haul.)


  1. Those cupcakes look eerily tasty and Punk looks waaaayy too cute!

  2. She looks great! And those cupcakes are really, really fun.

  3. Wow!!! The look on Punk's face in the second pic makes her look A LOT like your hubby!! How cute!!

    And your cupcakes are indeed adorable. So fun!!

  4. love the cute spider cupcakes.

    oh, and even cuter is punk. love the idea.


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