01 October, 2010

Oh. My. GAWSH!

I am so in love with these pictures.

But can someone tell me who this girl is? Her pictures are on my picture disk. It can't possibly be my daughter. She's not that old. (*sniff* I cannot believe how old she looks in these pictures. Can I stop the aging process now?)


  1. Love these pictures, shes adorable!

    They do grow up way to fast! I thought that too with the last professional pictures I posted on my blog.. where did the time go!

    Hope all is well and life is treating you fabulous!

  2. Wow! She really did a great job! You all look so good in them. I'm slow at commenting lately - sorry!! Oh and by the way I love your bangs - I know that's really random but I do.

  3. We heart Raquel! We heart Raquel! Chant that in your head, it's catchy. I love these pictures! Punk is sooo big. Does she have highlights!?

  4. Great pics... your SD is so beautiful!


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