22 October, 2010

MARGE! It's the Mormons again!

Possibly one of my favorite television quotes ever. EVER.

I would like to take a moment to thank my old computer for it's years of half-assed functionality and helping me on my way to the fame of the blog world (yah, right). Seriously though, we finally bought a new computer. The old one decided at the end of last week that it was done with this life and moved on to a better place. It died a good, long death. At least, I thought so until it miraculously turned on this morning. It must have been in a coma. "Aw man, talk radio? ... So boring, man! The car just committed suicide!"


Back to the point of my story, which was... well... there was no point. At least not that I can remember. So anyway. New computer. That I'm keeping all to myself, bwa ha ha ha. It's going in my craft room/office and we are going to get the other computer back to it's half-functioning self for homework purposes. Sweet, eh? We're also taking the plunge to wireless so I can connect everything in the house, including the cat, to the internet without having to run three-hundred and eighty-two feet of wire (approximately, of course). Now the world shall watch its back, because I will have internet connectivity on my Wii. Again I say, bwa ha ha ha. (That's my evil laugh. You couldn't tell?)

So I've been living the last week without computer access and can I tell you a secret? I think I'm addicted to technology. I don't even use the computer that much; just the fact that it wasn't working was really getting to me. I still don't have a new computer; I'm blogging this from work a place with a computer. Duh. But I'm pretty blasted excited for the new, really fast, super ultra supreme computer. I'll be able to pull pictures off my fancy camera, and then edit them, OMG.

I owe you two reviews and a giveaway. For cheese, and coconut peanut butter. Watch out, because it's coming. Or something.

But in all seriousness (yah right, like I have that capability) work has been freaking busy and when I don't have a computer at home, that equals no blogging, boo hoo. Not that I blog from work. But I hope to be back to regularly scheduled programming shortly. Whatever that means.

On a completely unrelated note, I have not done ANYTHING to get ready for Halloween? WTH? Halloween is my favorite Holiday.

Also, I just noticed that I am the Queen Bee of fragments in this post, and for that, I am sorry.

Have a great weekend! :D


  1. Oh, yeah, I don't blog from work either. Cough, cough. But I am feeling a bit burned out right now. Work HAS actually been super busy.

  2. Work sucks!! I have been so busy at work too!

    Loving the title of this post.



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