05 October, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Just like the title says. Beauty and the Beast, y'all. Did you know it was re-released today? TODAY! Go get it! Want a good reason? Because it's soooo cute! Want another good reason? Because Christmas is coming faster than you know it. Want another good reason? You can get a coupon for $10 off the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack by clicking here!

Being an older sibling, I babysat a ton when I was younger. And I remember each of my two younger siblings by what movies they would not stop watching. With Shelby, it was Beauty and the Beast. I've seen this movie more times than I can count on both hands and feet, and I still love it. It's classic, and cute, and romantic, and teaches kids a good lesson. What's not to love? Plus, Chip is possibly the cutest cup on the planet. Just that makes the movie worth it.

I was lucky enough to work with Click Communications for a review copy of the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack of Beauty and the Beast, and I couldn't have been more excited when it showed up. I've already watched it, and remember why I love it so much.

If your kids are little, they may have never seen Beauty and the Beast before, so go here to download some fun coloring and activity pages to introduce them to the characters. They will totally love you for it. Then sit down together for some family time and watch the movie. It's too cute to miss!

C'mon, what are you waiting for? You just want the DVD? The standard DVD edition will come out on November 23rd, so keep an eye out for it!


  1. Love this movie.... and it's also another movie that I can introduce to Z... (he likes to sing the songs)

  2. man I wished I would have seen this sooner. I could have used the coupon. I went and bought it early yesterday morning. I love it

  3. This is my second all time favorite disney movie next to Cinderella. I know EVERY SINGLE WORD and I too have seen it more times than I can count. I tweeted the other night that this is what I want for my birthday and I think my mommy is going to buy it for me. I will never grow up!! How lucky are you to have reviewed it - awesome!

  4. You know what's funny? A while ago, Kade got it for me for Christmas because he remembers how much I used to watch it. I do love that movie. I still watch it all the time.

  5. Thanks for the coupon link--I just used mine today. Can you say Christmas?? For both Leah and me. :)


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