25 August, 2010

26 and None the Wiser

What does that even mean? Did I even say it right? Anyway...

Happy birthday to me! You want to hear my exciting birthday plans? I am working (boo), but then I get to leave work early (yay!) to go to the doctor (boo). Sweet, yes? I know you all are jealous, just deal with it and let's move on. (Total sarcasm here, in case you couldn't tell.)

Punk called to tell me happy birthday this morning. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's the first time she has remembered my birthday. I don't know if I could have been happier at that moment!

To celebrate, I will go to the doctor and not be able to take a lunch. Yep, sounds like an amazing day! But you, I feel bad, because you are left out. So I decided I would do something fun. For your reading pleasure, here are 26 random facts you probably didn't know about me. Enjoy! (Boy, does it get anymore conceited than that? Pretend I'm not bratty, okay?)

1. I am ambidextrous, mostly. I can eat and write and do my make-up and all sorts of other things with my left and right hands. The only thing I really struggle with is brushing my teeth. And using the computer mouse.
2. I will eat almost anything at least once - how do I know I don't like it if I don't try it?
3. I've eaten squid, octopus, oysters, crab, Krab, shrimp, halibut, lobster, salmon, mahi mahi and trout. And I didn't like any of it. I don't like seafood.
4. I have a huge problem with certain textures, and there are a plethora of things I cannot eat because of it. Bananas, pudding, jello, yogurt, mushy fruit...
5. I have a weird phobia of the skin of peaches. I absolutely love the flavor of peaches but cannot eat them because I can't touch them. Literally, I have the chills right now typing about it. If someone ever needed to torture information out of me, all they would have to do is make me touch peaches and I'd cave.
6. When I write, I am a total grammar Nazi. Even my text messages are grammatically correct. I was an editor for awhile, and it changed me.
7. I do not speak proper, grammatically-correct English.
8. I curse like a sailor. But I try to keep it to a minimum around people I know don't like that language; I don't want to offend anyone. That's also why I try to not swear on my blog.
9. I am an extremely loyal person. If you are one of my friends, you can expect me to go to bat for you anytime it's needed. I even punched a guy in the face once because he made my best friend cry.
10. Once you lose my loyalty, it's gone forever. It's not something that can be earned back. I don't believe in second chances if what you've done is bad enough for me to feel betrayed.
11. I have no filter between my mind and my mouth. I say what I think. I've lost many girlfriends due to that. I think it's why I get along better with guys - they don't care, and get over things easily.
12. I took fourth place in our school's Spelling Bee in third grade (against the sixth graders and all). For a really long time, I hated the word that I lost to and refused to use it. Now, I can't even remember what it was, other than it started with an 'a'.
13. I've had pre-cancerous cells removed from my skin in four separate places. Skin cancer runs in my family. And although lots of people think differently; no, you cannot 'get it' from touching me. Thanks for asking.
14. I've experienced a ton of death in my life, from grandparents to uncles to friends to pets. I miss my Grandpa Snyder the most. It's been quite awhile since he died, and I still can't think about him or see pictures of him without tearing up.
15. I am loose-jointed. All of my joints go waaaaay further than they are supposed to. I can hold my hands behind my back and bring them to the front without 'un-holding' my hands.
16. My fingernails do not grow, no matter how much calcium I take or how many sweet words I whisper to them. That's why I have acrylic nails. I love having nails and can't grow them naturally.
17. I'm a natural redhead. My natural color is very pretty; it's just not for me. I would rather be blonde.
18. I am a car snob. Since I could afford it, I've always had the car I wanted, and it's always been a pretty nice car. I currently drive a Lexus IS350 and love it, but can't wait to upgrade to the IS-F. I have a serious crush on that car.
19. I would rather live in an itty bitty house and have tons of toys, than live in a big house but have no toys. Husband and I sometimes drive through the really big houses in the canyon to see what we could have, if all of our money didn't go to playing - the track, the sand dunes, Moab... whatever. I'd rather have fun than clean a lot, I guess!
20. I listen to pretty much any type of music, except old country and stupid boys with guitars that all sound the same (think John Mayer, Jack Johnson, etc.). I like country, rap, hip hop, rock, metal... my favorite being metal.
21. I HATE feet. Hate them. Even my own.
22. I have adult ADD, OCD, and depression. Mix those up in a blender and you come out with a wonderful smoothie of crazy; trust me. And no matter what anyone says, medication does help me. It's not in my head. Take my meds away for a month and see what happens. I tried to stop taking them, and that was a really bad idea.
23. I am an avid scrapbook product collector, but I seriously never scrapbook. I don't even have a full book's worth of pages done. I make cards though; does that count for anything?
24. I have a soft heart when it comes to animals. I'm the type of person that sees a kitty on the side of the road and has an extremely hard time not stopping to get it and take it home and make it happy. And then I'll think about it for days and hope it didn't get killed or hurt. Especially kitties, but also any other type of animal, even rodents and amphibians.
25. My biggest bug-type fear is scorpions. I am scared to death of being stung by a scorpion.
26. I'm allergic to shell nuts, spider and mosquito bites, bees, grass, and I break out in minor cases of hives often but really never have any idea what causes it. I have lots of allergies.

Now, wasn't that fun?! I love you long time if you read the entire list. And you know you love me, don't deny it. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. First of all Happy Birthday!!

    I had no idea we shared the same phobia with peaches. They seriously just creep me out and make me itch.

    I miss Grandpa too so so so much. So much in fact that I didn't even know until we accidently drove by his house a few weekends ago while we were scoping out yard sales. My mom says "Ah, there's Grandpa's old house" as we were driving by and it caught me off gaurd so much I just started sobbing right there. I'm such a baby.

  2. Happy birthday! I love seafood. Except for sushi! Don't like it at all.

  3. Happy Birthday...I wish I was 26...that was a good year. You find the older you get the more lame the birthday. Or at least in my case it has! ;)

  4. you're a redhead?! never would have guessed.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you are wonderful. truly.

  5. If your a grammar Nazi..don't pay much attention to my blog. LOL I say what I want, write it how I want and don't care if its correct and am happy with it as it is LOL But that would be a good thing I am sure.

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Hope you were spoiled! Wish I was 26 again..30 is not sounding so fun, but its coming way to quick!


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