02 May, 2010

The Princess and the Frog Review

Okay, so you should all totally get that I LOVE The Princess and the Frog! Not that I've already talked about it three times or anything...

Anyway, I did love this movie. It's already become one of my favorite Disney movies, and that's saying something since I've seen almost every Disney animated movie ever. (For reals, ever.) The music is great, the story is great; it's all pretty fantastic. It takes the ages-old story of the Princess kissing the frog and turning him into a Prince, places them in New Orleans, and makes it magic. (As if kissing a frog and turning him into a Prince wasn't already magic, but still.)

But, instead of him automatically turning into a Prince, she turns into a frog instead! Then they have to go together to find someone that can help them both become human again. They hate each other at the beginning, but may or may not end up in a different situation at the end (you know, without giving too much of the story away).

There are so many cute characters in this movie and it all ties together so well. Tiana is an amazing young lady who teaches kids that you should go for your dreams, even it takes a lot of hard work and time. Charlotte maybe doesn't teach anything, but she sure is funny! And Ray, the firefly - he was so freaking hilarious. Long story short? Please go buy this movie, if not for your kids, for yourself! It's super cute and very entertaining. It's kind of a Princess movie, but I think it strays from the typical Princess storyline enough for boys to love it, too. So get it.

And so you know, I was provided a review and a giveaway copy (already given away; go Tina!) by Click Communications. But that did not in any way effect my views or opinions! They are all my own and genuinely mine.

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  1. This is definitely our favorite right now. It has been played over and over!!!


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