20 May, 2010

It'd Be A Whole Lot Easier If I Just Fell In Love With A Vampire

I reached a new milestone today. I was able to get my blood drawn AND watch them do it! It might not seem like a big deal, but for me it really is. I used to have such a fear of needles that when I was little, I needed stitches but freaked out so bad I ended up with butterfly bandages instead. But today? Today I got to watch them put the needle in my arm and pop on the little vacuum-packed tube thingy and watch the blood get sucked out of my arm. Sweet, right? Sorry if that was graphic. I was pretty enthralled with the entire process.

But seriously, if there were some super hot vampire to do the job instead of a needle I think things would go much more smoothly. And don't you even dare suggest that sparkly wannabe vampire from you-know-what-book or we can't be friends anymore. If they sparkle or shimmer or do anything remotely shiny, they are not real vampires. Mmmkay? I was thinking more along the lines of Angel... yep, that would work.

So guess what might be on its way to my house on or around June 20th? This little number...

Oh dear. I couldn't help myself anymore. After searching and looking and contemplating, one day I pulled up the Epiphanie website and they had it in black and my twist-the-situation-so-I-NEED-this-purse gear kicked into hyperdrive and before I knew it, my credit card information was entered and all was done. I swear, I couldn't help myself. Plus, I really need a camera bag that doubles as a purse! I mean, c'mon, you see my side, right? Right?

I still really love the red one though... if the black one gets here and it's as great as I feel like it's going to be, the red one may come next. I need help.


  1. Everyone needs an amazingly awesome purse!

  2. That bag is seriously gorgeous!

  3. wow, so, guess who did the exact same thing when she was a little girl?? let me elaborate:

    once upon a time, i thought it would be a good idea to try to get a knot out of the laces of my super-cute-purple-and-white roller skates with a pair of ver sharp pointed scissors. needless to say, that was a really bad idea. with knot still intact and scissors sticking out of the right side of my face, it was time to go to the hospital. imagine that!!

    i wailed and sobbed and cried and SCREAMED when they said they were going to give me stitches. i ended up putting up a big enough fuss that they decided it would be okay to close my wounds with... do you know? can you guess?


    if you guessed butterfly closures, you guessed correctly!! yay!! first prize!

    so, as weird as it may be that our husbands are basically the same person in different bodies, maybe you and i have a bit of that going on ourselves. whodathunk?? we should go on a talk show or something and try to get them to give us a bunch of money or something. if they don't, heck, atleast we'll get to be on tv!! :D

    also, that bag is adorable and i'm very excited for you to get it! and personally, i think you should get the red one too so your black one isn't lonely as your only purse that doubles as a camera bag. i mean, you've really got to consider your purses feelings here!! ;)

    think about it!


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