23 May, 2010

Futuro Review

Futuro (by 3m) had this super cool idea to create pantyhose that actually help with your health when you wear them; they are called "compression stockings". Take something tons of women wear every day, and figure out a way to make it actually help them out? Definitely a good idea. They offer a few different products - there's energizing, restoring, therapeutic and anti-embolism. Each has a different purpose, but all are designed to make you feel a little better after wearing them all day.

I was able to try the energizing and the restoring Futuro stockings. Both are really great! The restoring are firm compression; the energizing are mild compression. The 'restoring' help improve circulation and relieve symptoms of moderate-to-severe varicose veins and swelling, all while providing a massaging motion while you move. The 'energizing' also help with circulation and help relieve symptoms of superficial spider and early vericose veins. They are designed for people who are on their feet or sitting in one place all day.

In both cases, they really do say what they say they are going to do. They are both a bit thicker than your typical pantyhose, and have a different texture. But, I thought both of those were good things! I actually didn't mind having them on all day. I would definitely recommend Futuro to anyone, like me, that sits at a desk all day.

I did get a few products to try for free, but that did not in any way effect my opinion. What I write are my own thoughts and opinions.

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