25 May, 2010

CSN.com + Cookware.com Review

I know I've talked about CSN.com before but I needed to remind you that they are the coolest site - they are the parent site to over 200 other sites geared to certain specific items (cribs, shoes, and more). I was lucky enough to get to review something from Cookware.com. What did I get to review? I'm glad you asked! I got to review this:

A waffle maker! YAY! I love waffles. Well, I love most breakfast foods, but waffles are especially good.

I really, really love this waffle maker. Why? Because it makes waffles. Seriously, that's what makes me the happiest. But I also love that it has options when it comes to the browning level of the waffles, because I really don't like my waffles super crunchy on the outside (just enough crunch to delay the fork from going through immediately). With this waffle maker, I can choose how light or dark I want them to be. Do you need a waffle maker? Or any other cooking device? If so, you should definitely head on over to Cookware.com and check out their selection.

I was provided with a free waffle maker for my review from CSN, but my opinions are not influenced by that factor. They are just mine.


  1. I love that. I don't have a waffle iron but if I had tons of money to buy cookware I would get this. LOL

  2. WOW that looks good!!! :)



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