31 January, 2010

Conserve Review!

Everyone is talking about being green lately. From using less, to recycling more, it's all the rage. I found a company that is super green, but also cleans! Nothing better.

Conserve is a brand that aims to use less packaging, while also using extremely natural ingredients in all of their cleaners. They offer cleaners in tablet form, and you get four tablets for each bottle you buy [just reduced the waste by three]. Holy green, Batman. They also offer disposable plates and bowls and silverware, made from cane sugar and starch. WHAT?! That means that it's biodegrable AND compostable. In the right conditions, your dishes turn back to 'nature'. On top of that magnificent stuff, they offer flashlights that are powered by squeezing or turning a crank [no batteries needed - just brute strength :)] and latex-free rubber bands [great for people with latex allergies (like me!)]. They are a freaking green company, okay?

I got to try all four of Conserve's cleaners. I feel like I should tell you that I was definitely a skeptic. How can one little tablet of cleaner that I dissolve into a bottle of warm water actually clean? Well, little one, clean it does! The first thing I tried was the glass cleaner, and it cleans glass. Easily as well as the other stuff [you know what I'm talking about], but without the chemical-y smell; their glass cleaner actually smells good! Score. I was stoked. After that, I tried the multi-surface cleaner, on the stove. How brutal of me. So I spray it down, leave it for 30 seconds or so, and wipe. And what do you think happened? The nasty stuff was GONE! I couldn't wait to try the bathroom cleaner. I sprayed down the sink, and ta da! Clean. Last but not least for sure was the odor eliminator. You have all heard that I'm not big on smells by now. Well, I was worried. The bottle says lavender but sometimes you don't get what you expect. I sprayed down a small space of carpet and let it dry, and I'm not even kidding, it smelled lovely. Compared to the carpet that I didn't spray, it was fantastical. I am a HUGE fan of the Conserve cleaners. HUGE fan. Plus, when you take the price [$10 for each] and divide it by four [because that's how many bottles you'll get out] their prices are great.

My suggestion? Buy it and love it. Because I know you will.

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  1. Those sound like some great products. And in terms on the sugar cane/starch based plates, I think I've got something even better for you: Verterra.

    They're made from two things: Palm leaves, and steam. No energy used to take a mash or material and make it into something (as in sugar cane/starch/recycled paper based) They're really strong, no waxes, lacquers or binders to give them shape. Can be used in a micrwave, even a regular oven!

    They save 15 tons of leaves a month from being burnt as "waste" by farmers. And they're now available all over the country, nearly 500 stores at this point.

    Check them out at www.verterra.com

    If you or anybody else has questions about them, I'll check back and answer.


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