16 November, 2009

Trident Layers Review

I chew a lot of gum. I am a total sugar addict, and I think having something to chew on that has flavor really helps me not eat so much dang candy. When I saw the commercial for Trident Layers, where they are paying the people with gum rather than money and the people are ecstatic about it, it intrigued me. So of course, when the opportunity to review the gum came my way, I said heck yes!

Trident Layers is an entirely new kind of gum. With most ‘new’ gum, you’ve had the flavor before or it’s similar to something else; not this gum. There are two flavors in each kind – strawberry & citrus, and pineapple & apple. You can actually tell that there are different flavors in each piece. You taste the strawberry, then the citrus. It’s really cool! I enjoyed this gum a lot. The strawberry & citrus was definitely my favorite, but that’s not to say the pineapple & apple wasn’t good, it just wasn’t as good, in my opinion. :)

Buy it!
You can purchase Trident Layers at a grocery or convenience store near you!


  1. I just bought a pack as well. Advertising pays, doesn't it? I'll have to let you know how it goes after I try a piece.

  2. I just bought another pack of each of them!

  3. "ahh, no body ever pays me in gum..." *sad face*


  4. i LOVE gum, and so do all the kids a pack doesn't last us long when i have it in my purse. I so need to try this. looks yum!

    Hope all is well, thinking of you!


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