18 November, 2009

Things Remembered Review

Christmas is fast approaching. Faster than I had ever imagined it could approach. Are you ready? Do you have all of your gifts? Now, for me, I love handmade. Make me something and I’m yours. But, if you aren’t crafty or just plain don’t want to make your gifts, I think something personalized is the next best thing. Things Remembered is a company who sells a lot of really amazing products, like the Max the Make-a-Wish bear, personalized USB drives, and much, much more!

I got to review this gorgeous Custom Couture bracelet from Things Remembered, and it’s so pretty! I love it. It’s that super popular link bracelet with a circle charm, with my own special personalization on it, and a heart charm. Plus, the clasp opens up so I can take out or add on any charms I want to. I think this is a great idea! You can order one bracelet and then a bunch of charms and decide what you want for each day. I love it. And I guarantee you would love it. And your mom. And your sister. And possibly your aunt.

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Things Remembered by clicking here.

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