10 November, 2009

Dove Review

You have all heard of Dove, yes? They make all sorts of lovely things that are good for your skin. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of them, you ought to watch TV, open a magazine, or go to the grocery store once in awhile. :) Dove recently came out with something they like to call Nutrium Moisture. Why, you ask? Well, because most body washes actually damage your skin, which leads to skin being dry, and they wanted to create something that did just the opposite – helped and hydrated your skin. Nutrium Moisture actually gets deep down into your skin and moisturizes. Want picture proof? Check this out.

Thanks to Rocket XL, I was lucky enough to be able to review all three of the new Nutrium Moisture body washes – deep moisture, sensitive skin and exfoliating. All three were great, but I really enjoyed the exfoliating the most because it really makes your skin feel superb when you get out of the shower! I definitely recommend the new Nutrium Moisture body washes.

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You can purchase any of these body washes, or any other Dove product, at basically any store near you.


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