20 November, 2009

Divado Review

Divado. Creating fabulous hair all over the world.

Okay, so that’s not really their tagline or anything, but that’s just what they are going for – fabulous, but simple, hair-dos. And I think they’ve achieved it! Divado is a product that will help you get the diva bump in your hair, without the ratting and tangles. It is a silicone product [a ‘bump’] that you clip into your hair, and viola! The bump. [I don’t know what else to call it; I know there is a word for it but don’t ask me because I just call it the bump. Obviously.] There are two different styles – the Brigitte and the Audrey. I personally think the Brigitte is more for ponytails and pulled-back hair, and the Audrey is good for giving you the cute bump up top. But you can choose to think whatever you want! They come in three different colors – black, brown and natural.

I got to review the Divado Brigitte, in natural. Right now because I can’t afford to get my hair done, my hair is a combination of blonde [my preferred color] and reddish [my natural color]. The natural-colored Divado blended into my hair nicely, both the blonde and the red! When I covered it with my hair, you couldn’t see it at all. Now, as much as this did work on my head, I think it would work better for someone with a not-so-square shaped noggin, as it was not quite wide enough for my pumpkin head. I was able to rock it though. See?

I tried to put it in with my hair down, but it was too big for me. I will use this for pulling my hair up, for sure. I think the Audrey would be perfect if you wear your hair down a lot but want to pull the front up into a bump.

Buy it!
You can purchase the Divado by clicking here. Mention the code ‘smom20’ and receive 20% off your order! This would make a great Christmas present for those red carpet divas in your life, or for yourself to rock the holidays with great hair!


  1. Very cute! I'll have to check these out!

  2. hi...
    wow it is really nice like this.
    thanks alot.


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