11 September, 2009

Sweetly You Review

Sweetly You is a company that makes and sells bath and body products, but just as important – they also sell Jelly Belly jelly beans. How do you resist that? A nice bubble bath with a fantastic candy; sounds great to me!

One of my very favorite things about Sweetly You is their flavor selection. You have the typical flavors [note to all: yes, I understand it is not edible and should be called a scent, but just deal with my screwed up vocabulary, okay?] like creamy vanilla and royal pear, but they also have AWESOME flavors like root beer and Swiss Miss [yes, the cocoa] and raspberry chocolate drizzle. How in the world do you resist that?!

I got to review a few items from Sweetly You, and I like them all. My first item was the thick & rich bubble bath in Swiss Miss. Honestly, it was out of pure curiosity I ordered this flavor, but I love it! It literally smells like hot cocoa. And taking a bubble bath in it was a little weird, but I enjoyed it. And, it bubbles well.

My next item was the premium body lotion in royal pear. The flavor is VERY similar to the pear that VS used to carry and it totally reminds me of my grandma [which is a good thing, she doesn’t smell like an old lady, alright?]. The smell isn’t too strong, and the lotion is amazing. It’s super softening, and even 20 minutes after you put it on, you still feel soft and moisturized. I like it lots!

And last but not least, I got to try the foaming bath butter in Pink [modeled after VS Pink perfume]. I freaking love this stuff! Most exfoliators out there do not foam up like soap, so you basically use a ton of it if you want to do your whole body. This actually foams up, so it goes further and you feel clean after using it, instead of just feeling sanded like with some other products. The Pink smell is pretty light but still there.

Sweetly You is a great company, and they are local to me, so I feel awesome about buying from them! There are some flavors that I’m dying to try, so I will be making a purchase from them SOON. And, watch for a giveaway from Sweetly You in the coming weeks!

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Sweetly You by clicking here.

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