01 September, 2009

Singing the Song of Life Review

Singing the Song of Life is one woman’s symphony where songs are the stage that provides the inspiration for her to dance her dreams and shed her tears, while living with a terminal thing called life. It is the story of one woman overcoming life’s obstacles and triumphantly succeeding in life and love.

First, let me tell you that this book is not for the young ones. You read about it all in this book – adventure, friendship, marriage [and all the good things that come with it, which is why it’s not really for the young ones], divorce – it’s all wrapped up in this book! I really like that each chapter of the book [which falls in line with each chapter of her life] follows along the path of a song. One of my favorite things was at the beginning of each chapter, reading the song title for that chapter and trying to guess what was going to happen. It was quite an exciting book to read! From the highs, to the lows, back to the highs, it was fun.

The website for this book isn’t quite built yet, but be sure to bookmark it so you can check it out when it’s all done. Click here for the site.

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  1. That sounds really good! Thanks for sharing it!


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