29 September, 2009

Pirate’s Booty Review

Ahoy, mateys! Allow me to introduce ye to a new snack, ARRRR. Pirate’s Booty is this super creative company that makes all natural, baked snacks that are good for you, and taste good! Awesome. They are trans-fat and gluten-free, low in calories, and have less fat than potato chips. Sounds great, right?

Just in case you guys didn’t know yet, I like pirates. I liked the concept of pirates even before the beautiful Jack Sparrow graced the big screen. I love the skull and crossbones symbol and all. Pirate’s Booty is possibly the funnest company ever, because not only is their company covered in pirate graphic, but they sent me samples in a treasure chest! Plus, they included a note that was full of pirate jargon. How cool of a company is that?!

I absolutely love the Pirate’s Booty snacks. I took them down to the sand dunes with us, and all of the guys tried them and loved them as well. I didn’t let them know that they are healthy snacks, so that could help. :) Everyone that tried them was asking where they could buy them, because they are so yummy! My very favorite flavor? The Bermuda Onion. They are fantastic. But to be honest, they were all pretty freaking fabulous. Go get yourself some Pirate’s Booty, ye skalliwag!

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Pirate’s Booty by clicking here.


  1. I've heard that this delicious! Healthy too, huh? Yay!

  2. I mean...this IS delicious. Sometimes my brain is in front of my fingers.

  3. how fun, how cool is that! may have to try them some day!


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