24 September, 2009

Peeled Snacks Review

Peeled Snacks makes snacks, that are peeled. Weird, eh? They offer fruit and nuts, unprocessed. No added sugar or fat, no oil, no preservatives. Just plain yummy [and healthy!] snacks.

I got to try Peeled Snacks’ line of Fruit Picks, and I LOVE them. Seriously, love. It’s that great of a connection between the fruit and me. I’m really picky about dried fruit because sometimes, the texture is just icky. It’s either too hard, or too squishy, and I can’t eat it. But I really enjoyed their dried fruit! The banana was the biggest surprise to me. I opened that one first, totally expecting to hate it because I hate pretty much all dried bananas out there. Not the case here! Their bananas are still pretty moist, without being smooshy [yes, that’s a word… in my world]. Plus, they taste like bananas! Wow! I liked them. Then we moved onto the apricots, then the apples, then the cherries, then the pineapple, and finally the mango. I tried them in the order I thought I would like them, from least to most. But seriously, I like them all. My absolute favorite would have to be the mango, but I wouldn’t NOT eat any of the snacks! I plan to hit my local health food store to find out if they carry Peeled Snacks, and if not, I’ll be suggesting it to the manager. I like them that much.

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Peeled Snacks by clicking here. Plus, enter coupon code ‘snack1234’ and get free shipping for UPS Ground orders!


  1. They sound delicious! Unfortunately here in podunk our grocery options are pretty limited to what Wal-Mart will carry.

  2. I want to try these, they sound so delish, fun and easy! wish we had them here too. might have to go online shopping :)


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