17 September, 2009

Have You Been To Durham County?

Have you ever dreamed that Desperate Housewives would breed with Law and Order, creating possibly the best show on TV? Well, meet Durham County!

Durham County is a new show on the ION channel [their first original series!]. It's about a detective who moves to a quiet neighborhood after his partner is killed and his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer. After they move in, Sweeney [the detective] realizes his new neighbor might just be a serial killer. I know it's not just me; this show sounds awesome! Right up my alley.

Not only does the show sound great, but they have a really fun 'microsite' to go along with it! In the site, you can wander around the neighborhood and try to uncover secrets. Plus, you can upload your own secrets! I've been wasting time on it all morning. :)

I'm definitely going to try to catch this show. It is on Monday nights at 10pm/9pm Central [but check your local listings to be sure]. Have any of you managed to see the show? What did you think of it?


  1. I haven't even seen previews for it yet!

  2. too bad I don't watch TV it sounds like it would be good. I use to watch Law and order and loved it. maybe I should check it out!


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