13 September, 2009

Happy Grandparents' Day!!

Did you know that today, September 13th, is National Grandparents' Day? If you are lucky enough to still have a grandparent, or even grandparents, in your life, do something today to tell them how much you love them. Need help? Visit grandparents.com, where you will find all sorts of crafts and activities you could do with your kids, to celebrate your and/or their grandparents.

Happy Grandparents' Day to Grandma and Grandpa Baum, to Grammie and Karl, and to Grandma Snyder. I love you all!

I had the amazing opportunity to grow up with two great-grandmas, who filled my life with so many memories and who I enjoyed and loved so much. I miss having you around! You were both so full of life and stories and fun.

And to my Grandpa Snyder. Not a single day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you more than I can even express. You were taken from us so suddenly, and too soon. I still can't look at pictures of you without crying. I wish you were still here, I didn't get my fill of time with you. I love you!

Mothers' and Fathers' Day are such big events, and we should all do what we can to make today a big event too; Grandparents are worth it!


  1. What a lovely post Kendahl. My pastor spoke this morning on how important it is to honor and thank our parents and grandparents. It is so nice to see a young woman doing just that.

  2. I didn't know it was grandparents day, nor did my grandchildren. I guess what goes around comes around, mmm?

  3. Good idea, but they are mothers and fathers which means they already have a day...I celebrate my grandparents on mothers and fathers day, but then again, they helped raise me and I don't know my Dad so I've always given the gifts I made in school to my grandpa instead of my dad.

    Apparently Grandparents day is to make young people aware of the contributions of senior citizens...I think not all seniors are grandparents so maybe the name of the holiday is not exact as to the point they're trying to make.

  4. what a sweet post! I am very blessed to be growing up with a a set of great grandparents. Over the past couple of years I've had the wonderful opportunity to get to know them more and grow closer with them. :) Its been a hard year with them tho because Grandpa is now living in a nursing home because he has cancer and Grandma is home alone. Its hard to see them so feeble. :( But it is so reassuring that they know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.
    The Daily Planet

  5. Grandparents definitely are wonderful blessings! :)


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