19 September, 2009

Ahoy, Mateys!

AVAST, scalliwags! Do ye know what today be? International Talk Like A Pirate Day, ayyy! So get out there and ARRRR and AVAST and if you need help, check out the official[?] site.

I have always been enthralled with the idea of pirates, and more so once this gorgeous pirate graced the big screens...

I'm going to be a pirate this year for Halloween! And I'm basing my costume off of Mr. Depp up there. I'm pretty excited about it!

Well, have a good Talk Like A Pirate Day and I'll see you [or, type to you, really] after the weekend is over. Enjoy it!


  1. Ahoy thar matey!
    Depp is the only pirate that shivers me timbers. LOL

  2. Shiver me timbers! Me missed pirate day! :( lol

  3. I really wish I had known that so I could bother everyone I know with pirate talk!


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