13 August, 2009

WAT-AAH! Review

Recently, I got the opportunity to participate in the WAT-AAH! summer challenge. Before I tell you about that, let's talk about WAT-AAH!

It all started with one mom wondering what she could do to get her kids to drink more water. After talking with a few other moms, and still not knowing what to do, they asked the kids. "How can we convince you to drink more water?" That's all it took for the kids to take off with the idea! They decided it needed personality, and a new name. After screaming "water" over and over, it started to sound like WAT-AAH! and boom, there was the name! They added a kid with a big mouth, and really bright colors, and there it was. A way to make water less boring.

WAT-AAH! comes in 4 "flavors": body, brain, bones and energy. Each has its own blend to make you healthy and strong. And it all tastes like water! Weird, right?

Their summer challenge was simple: put the WAT-AAH! in with the other drinks - soda, juice, whatever - and see what the kid picks. I'm pretty lucky in the fact that Punk actually will drink water most of the time, and this is no exception! She opened the fridge, and said, "What's this with the pink words?" I told her it was water, and that's what she chose. Of course, going for the pink one first! She asked if all of the colors were different flavors, and I told her she was going to have to try them to find out. [They aren't, FYI] So throughout the weekend she tried them all, and said pink was her favorite. Funny how kids are so influenced by colors!

I challenge all of you to go get some WAT-AAH! and put it in your fridge. Your kids will think you're the coolest for bringing home such a fun-looking drink. Just don't tell them it's plain ol' water. :)


  1. I have to say that my kids will choose water bottles over pop, juice, etc...it's ME that has the prob with POP! My kids love cold water, it's the half-empty water bottles that KILL ME! ;)

  2. Savannah does like juice, but she will not complain about water either. I think that I would buy it just because it has adorable packaging!

  3. Sounds like a good plan. My son began to drink water when someone at work sent me an email detailing all the benefits of water. In that list it said it reduces migraine headaches. For years my son was on strong medication for horrid migraines that made him violently ill. He was seeing a Neurologist once a month, and getting blood drawn every two weeks. It was so hard to watch him suffer. I began to have him drink more water. Within a month I took him off the meds and he was cured. To this day we both drink lots of water. I have also had friends I shared this with and they too have seen a reduction in their headaches. Drinking water has so many great benefits. So glad you are encouraging the practice. Drink Up!

  4. I have some of that coming to me too! I'm really looking forward to checking it out and seeing what my son thinks!


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