03 August, 2009

Thanks For Listening

I just want to say that my post about the "real mom" was not meant to get me pity or make you guys feel bad for me, I just needed to get it out. I also want any and all step-parents out there to know they are not the only ones going through the BS. There are a LOT of evil step-parents out there; I know that for a fact. But there are a few who really do care and want nothing more than to be the best parent possible, and I want those people to know they aren't alone. K?

Thanks for stopping by! Much love. :)


  1. I think you are awesome. I have a SM, and while I like her, she definitely treats us different than her kids.

  2. We are indeed, though the plans aren't, um, "in the works". We'd definitely like to have more kids in the near future, though.


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