18 August, 2009

Summer Social Retreat '09

First off, I have to tip my hat to April from Sweet Life in the Valley. She is the one who organized this amazing event and much kudos to her! It was super fun and there were so many amazing ladies there to meet and mingle with. Also, thanks to Jones and Sha' because I know you helped a lot, too. :)

I swear I am the last post about it, but don't take that as meaning I didn't like it; I had so much fun! Can I tell you guys a little secret? I'm pretty anti-social when it comes to life in the real world. Being at this even was a little stressful for me, only because there were so many women who have such great sites and blogs and ideas, and I was SOOOOOO intimidated by them all! I had to take a personal pow-wow and amp myself up so I didn't slink off into a corner and hide all night. But, am I ever glad I didn't!

We got to go to the amazing Soldier Hollow for this retreat, and that place is beautiful! They have all sorts of super great activities for you to participate in, like horse-back riding, hiking, golf, snowshoeing... Anyway, I chose to do the Reins and Trains activity. The Heber Valley Railroad [formerly known as the Heber Creeper] took us through the canyon and the sights were amazing!

Part way through the ride, we were ambushed by cowboys!! Oh me, oh my.

Well, unbeknownst to us, WE were supposed to be the kidnappees. Hrm... uh, yah... someone forgot to give us our bracelets, so we didn't get stolen away off the train. But, we got things straightened out and were assured that if we got off the train, the wagon would be up to pick us up in just a few minutes!


Yup, that's us walking to find our wagon ride...

What a lovely bunch of women!

Anyway, it all ended up okay and we all got back to the lodge in one piece. Note to self and others: if you are on a wagon ride and tell your cowboy host to eat a grasshopper, HE WILL DO IT!! Do not tempt this truth, it's pretty horrible. Dude should go on Fear Factor.

Then we had dinner [which was so amazing I forgot to take pictures] and then dessert from The Chocolate, who might just be my favorite bakery yet [I'm super sad they don't have a cupcake cart anymore but am WAY excited they are opening a storefront!]...

That freaking pineapple cake has been haunting my thoughts lately! I NEED to eat it again.

Not only did April provide us with an amazing day full of activities, a fabulous dinner and a to-die-for dessert, but we got SWAG!!! April took us through some of her favorite things, which we got some great stuff from, like Shirley J, Yes to Carrots, Sorel boots, and much more! It was an absolutely delightful day and I hope to do it again. Like, next week. What do you think, April? ;)


  1. I wish I could have been there!

  2. Super cute pics...and LOVE what that bakery is showing off.

  3. That was AN AWESOME day with you! Thank you for being there, and putting up with all the 12 year old girl laughing that took place!


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