11 August, 2009

Pediped Review

Pediped is a cute company that makes really darling shoes for babies and kids. Their goal for their shoes is to be “the next best thing to bare feet”, and I agree that they are! Their Pediped Originals line is for the really littles [0 – 24 months], and their Pediped Flex line is for their not-so-littles [2 – 5+ years]. The Originals are super flexible with leather soles [good for inside or outside!], extra padding where little feet need it, and Velcro fasteners for ease of putting on and taking off. The Flex line are much the same, but are designed for kids that are on their feet more. They’ve got cushioning in the heel, skid-resistant soles, and customizable insoles. Plus, they come with an additional insole for “Flex Fit”, basically meaning that the shoes will fit for longer. Very cool!

I got to review these darling shoes from the Flex line. They are called the Abigail, and I love them! I would totally wear them in my size. They are holding up well [even with my never-ceasing energetic child] and I love that they are Velcro because that means less time waiting at the door for shoes to be tied.

But they don’t only carry girly shoes; they also have some super cute boy shoes like these! I love little shoes.

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Pediped by clicking here.


  1. Man alive, their shoes are adorable. They're a wee bit pricy for something that promises to be outgrown quickly, though the extra insoles make them last a little longer. I've been wanting a pair for my little for awhile, and I might just have to give in pretty soon here.

  2. chumel ja nama brand tu.. ehehe

  3. those are really adorable! I might have to bu a pair for ms Van.

  4. I have a pair of Pedipeds and they're so cute and well made!


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