18 August, 2009

Neat Solutions Review

Neat Solutions is a company that makes products for on-the-go moms [which ones aren’t?] with babies and kids. One of my biggest worries when it comes to the littles is germs. I worry about germs with myself, and kids are even worse because they are in it all! They have to touch, smell, taste anything they can. That’s where Neat Solutions comes into play. They make products to help you keep your little germ-free [or as close as possible] without being a hassle. They offer products like table toppers [great for eating out], potty toppers [great for public restrooms and newly potty trained kids], changing pads, disposable bibs, and more. Seriously, a great company!

I got to review the potty toppers. Punk is 8, so she’s been potty trained for plenty of time, but she’s really small for her age! She’s barely big enough to get her bum up onto most public bathroom seats. These are great for her because she can stick one down and then doesn’t have to worry about getting germs from the toilet seat. Not only are these great for kids, but moms too! Don’t you ever worry about using public bathrooms? I know I do. Plus, they come folded up pretty small so it’s not like you’re carrying around something gigantic – it easily tucks into your purse so you can use it when needed. I would definitely suggest these for anyone that uses public bathrooms, ever.

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Neat Solutions by clicking here.

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  1. Kendahl,that potty cover is wonderful. To this day I don't like public restrooms and I am so greatful when I find clean ones.(to the eye anyway)They have so many neat things out now for Moms. I also recommend one of the hand sanitizers to wipe down surfaces. When pressed a baby wipe works too.


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