20 August, 2009

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Professional flat irons

Save Time and Stay Sexy with a Professional Flat Iron

Whether you are a long-time mom or you’ve been catapulted into the throws of motherhood recently, it can sometimes feel like taking care of yourself is strictly on as-needed basis. That means, if you don’t have time for it, it isn’t needed. But any savvy mom will tell you, taking care of yourself is essential to both your physical and mental welfare.

As a woman, your looks are a key ingredient to your overall self-image and wellbeing. And, your hair plays a major role in how you look. If your hair looks best straight, but you have curly hair, a professional flat iron is a non-negotiable to your kit of beauty tools. The reason is, professional flat irons, namely a ceramic hair straightener, will save you tons of time, and will keep your lovely locks looking luscious for your mate. You might be confused (because of the vast array of ceramic hair straighteners on the market) as to which hair straightener you should buy. They can be pricey, and you don’t want to purchase a cheap item only to spend twice the time straightening your hair, and burn it in the process because you thought you were getting a bargain. Of the best professional flat irons on the market right now, CHI hair straighteners and FHI hair straighteners are top-of-the-line and you really can’t go wrong with either of these brands. Let’s compare them so you can figure out which one is best for you.

CHI hair straighteners

CHI Hair Straighteners

CHI hair straighteners are from the Farouk line of professional flat irons. They are ceramic hair straighteners, which means that they are made to distribute heat evenly throughout their ceramic plates, negating hot spots where your hair would become singed. Furthermore, CHI hair straightener plates are super slick; your hair won’t snag or break because of the slippery surface of the professional flat iron plates. CHI hair straighteners come with an ultra-long chord (10 feet long), are lightweight, heat up in less than 10 seconds and are known for being durable. Still, you CHI hair straighteners will not work with an adapter – so don’t plan on taking out of the U.S. These babies start in the neighborhood of $100 and go up in price from there. The most expensive models can cost well over $200.

FHI hair straighteners

FHI Hair Straighteners

FHI hair straighteners are one of the world’s best line of professional flat irons. These sweethearts heat up in less than 15 seconds and are available with ceramic tourmaline plates. Tourmaline is actually a crystal silicate mineral compound and is used to naturally transform water into mild alkali water. These tourmaline plates on the FHI hair straighteners reduce water clustering and have deoderant and anti-bacterial qualities. FHI hair straighteners help to defrizz and moisturize your hair as you straighten by using negative ionic-charged heat, which infuses your hair with moisture by changing the molecular structure of water on your hair so that it gets sealed into your hair shaft. You can use an FHI hair straightener on damp hair without fear of damaging it, and they can be used outside of the U.S. These professional flat irons start in the neighborhood of $120 and end at around $200, depending on the model.


  1. I have a CHI and LOVE it! in fact my husband left our bags in the hallway at my in-laws last week and my CHI was in it :( luckily I get it back on Tuesday! I am lost without it and have to fight my hair constantly, they are the greatest!

  2. I have a Chi and I really like it a lot! It was expensive but worth it.


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