28 August, 2009

Football Widow, Anyone?

Husband isn't really into sports much; all he ever watches is drag racing or basically any type of racing [except NASCAR - we don't watch that much], which I am totally okay with because I love racing, too. But I know there are many of you out there that lose your husbands to football! I got this e-mail and wanted to share because I think it's a great idea; rather than lose him totally until the season is over, why not take part?

This website, DraftDude.com, has just launched a service that allows people who know absolutely nothing about football to make professional-level drafting decisions.

This first-of-its-kind website helps users to make expert-level drafting, playing, and trading decisions in a matter of minutes. Needless to say, it's an easy way to shock your husband and his friends by having the best picks at his next draft party!

DraftDude.com is an online fantasy sports draft helper. Founded in 2007, DraftDude takes professional, Moneyball-level mathematics, analytics, and algorithms, putting them to work for subscribers behind an interface as simple and intuitive as iTunes. For a one-time, almost negligible fee, users save large amounts of time and effort, while gaining a competitive edge in their league(s). Ideal for novices and experts alike, DraftDude.com reduces or eliminates the hours typically spent trying to make the right drafting, playing, and trading decisions. They even have a five minute instructional video to make it super easy to follow.

Also, in order to begin impressing your hubby “right off the bat,” the experts at DraftDude have provided the following free tips.

Happy drafting season!

DraftDude.com’s top five picks for the NFL's Most Underrated And Overrated Players

#1 Most underrated Wide Receiver: T.J. Houshmandzadeh
WHY? He caught 92 passes last year, despite being on an anemic Bengals team in a tough defensive conference--the move to Seattle will help.

#2 Most overrated Wide Receiver: Terrell Owens
WHY? The aging Owens is often among the league leaders in dropped passes, but gets more attention for his off-field antics--both of which could signal a dip in production. He could become disruptive if he becomes aggravated that he is not as productive as he has been in the past, further harming his production.

#3 Most underrated Tight End: Kellen Winslow
WHY? After an injury-riddled 2008 campaign, Winslow is primed for a rebound with new team Tampa Bay. He is a playmaker with potential for a big year if he stays healthy.

#4 Overrated Kicker: Adam Vinatieri
WHY? The former Super Bowl hero's skills are declining, and Vinatieri only attempted three field goals in the red zone last year on a strong Colts offense. Expect that trend to continue.

#5 Most underrated Defensive Player: Trent Cole
WHY? Another Pro Bowl snub, Cole is a consistent performer who plays on a strong Philadelphia defense. He will rack up at least 10 sacks.


  1. Hm, I believe I am a sports widow in general. I'm partially kidding. My hubby just loves sports, though football is his greatest love. When it's not football season, he loves golf, and he likes him good basketball game, too. If there's nothing else, he's up for one of thoses poker competitions. I'm making it sound worse than it is. He will record the latter three, though, to watch later if we have something else going on. Football is another story.

  2. my hubbs is ADDICTED to any kind of sports...think I am kidding, nope! Nascar, golf, tennis, anything! Oh, and last night he recorded poker in the middle of the night, because he didn't want to miss anything!

  3. Thanks for the heads up about this site :) My boyfriend loves his fantasy football :)


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