27 May, 2009

What I Want Wednesday

Alright, I think I'm all straight on what day it is now. :) For today's edition of [What I Want Wednesday], I just got a pack of labels for Punk's stuff in the mail and they have an owl on them, so I'm going to do owls! They are a close runner-up for my favorite animals. And cartoon owls are always adorable.

[remember - click on the image to be taken to the Etsy shop the item can be found in]

CupcakesandRibbon: I freaking LOVE this hairclip. It doesn't get much cuter than that! Plus, their shop name is CupcakesandRibbon! Can you say CUTE?

Snazziedrawers: O.M.G. Please click on the pic and go to the shop - there are ruffles on the bum of this onesie! Hello, girl friends? Yah you, the ones that actually want kids? Please have a girl, SOON, so I can buy her this onesie. Thanks in advance.

mulch: this is for all my couponing friends out there - this thing is a coupon organizer! How great, eh? If I didn't already have the Couponizer I would totally get one. In fact, I'm considering getting one anyway. I'm sure there are plenty of other things I could use it to organize, right?

rainbowswirlz: LOVE this shirt and the owl that adorns it. So, so, SO cute! My summer wardrobe may need one.

Iszle: I have a white/magnet board on my desk and it has a total of three magnets on it. I NEED these. My magnet board is calling for them; yearning for them. Can't you hear it?

To all of you reading - go participate! Even if it's just one thing and it's not from Etsy, post it and let me know what you've been dying for. Pretty please? With a cupcake on top?

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  1. I love owls too!!! and your finds are super cute!!


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